AMOA's Mission:

To promote and serve the out of home entertainment industry, furthering the needs and interests of those engaged in the sales, marketing, distribution and manufacturing of coin-operated equipment by…
  • ENHANCING industry growth through the exchange of ideas and information among members.
  • ADDRESSING and working to resolve industry challenges and issues by using the talents, skills and experience of volunteer coin-op company executives.
  • FOSTERING industry-wide knowledge at all levels of the business through educational forums, trade expositions and communication products.
  • REPRESENTING members’ interests on legislative and regulatory issues that impact the coin-op industry; to serve as a voice for members in presenting its views to governmental authorities; and to keep members informed on such matters.
  • DEVELOPING programs and services that generate operational efficiencies, new business opportunities and/or cost-savings for members.
  • PROMOTING the professionalism and many valuable contributions of the industry whenever and wherever possible.

Then..and Now

AMOA, originally known simply as MOA -- The Music Operators of America -- was born January 21, 1948, when 68 jukebox owners from around the country banded together to fight the repeal of the jukebox royalty exemption.

Harnessing the collective strength, energy, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit of a growing number of volunteer members, AMOA quickly established itself as a major force within the trade.

More than 70 years later, these same traits are tapped daily to offer an ever-expanding array of programs and services to members and the entire industry.