Consumer Choice in Payment Coalition

AMOA is a founding member of the Consumer Choice in Payment Coalition (CCPC), a coalition of industry groups, companies and consumer groups advocating for consumer choice and for preserving the right to use cash to pay for goods and services in the marketplace.

Since founding in 2020, the CCPC has:

  • Drafted and introduced House and Senate federal legislation that would prohibit retailers from prohibiting cashless transactions.

  • Expanded the coalition to consumer groups, international groups, and other interested parties.

  • Interacted directly with key House and Senate staff as well as Members of Congress in support of the legislation.

  • Drafted and sent letters from the Coalition to prominent retailers in support of a cash payment option.

  • Conducted Congressional staff briefings.

  • Drafted and placed op-eds and statements in support of maintaining the cash payment option.

  • Maintained website and twitter accounts and other social media in support of cash-friendly policies.

  • Regular monitoring of news media, trade publications and websites, and other media to identify and circulate to Coalition members pertinent articles and reports of events or public statements supporting or opposing continued maintenance of cash as a payment option for U.S. consumers.

Join our coalition, because protecting cash protects consumers!

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