AMOA Game Master Program

Available exclusively to companies who are current Associate members, this program gives your organization a unique opportunity to show your support for AMOA and to promote directly to our membership and the industry.

As a Game Master you will be making an important contribution to ensuring AMOA can continue "Building Engagement in Real Life" with programs and information that can meet the evolving needs of the industry. In return, you will gain access to benefits and promotional opportunities unparalleled within the industry including:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Alignment with a trusted industry resource
  • Opportunities to connect in-person with important leaders
  • A full-year of promotions from a single contribution
  • A venue to showcase new and innovative technologies
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3-Star Game Master

Three-Star Game Masters represent the top-tier of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in the industry. A commitment at this level allows AMOA member companies to maximize access to exclusive rights and sponsorship benefits at all events, educational courses, and in year-round opportunities to reach AMOA membership and beyond. 

  • Year-round recognition as an AMOA Game Master
  • Exclusive social and networking opportunities at AMOA Board Events
  • Exclusive opportunity to contribute to AMOA educational sessions
  • Exclusive  advertising opportunities on the AMOA website and the AMOA Engage Mobile App
  • Exclusive opportunity to email important news to AMOA members

2-Star Game Master 

 Two-Star Game Masters gain enhanced promotional benefits of our sponsorship program and additional access to important networking opportunities with AMOA members. A commitment at this level also grants your company exclusive access to event sponsorships and opportunities to distribute company materials at AMOA events and educational programs

  • Year-round recognition as an AMOA Game Master
  • Opportunities to distribute company materials and giveaways at AMOA events
  • Opportunity to sit on State Council Meeting Panel Discussion

 1-Star Game Master

 One-Star Game Masters enjoy many of the promotional benefits of AMOA sponsorship at a value-driven price. Contributing saves your company time and effort by ensuring a full year of promotions with only one commitment. 

  • Year-round recognition as an AMOA Game Master
  • Prominent logo placement at AMOA events and educational programs
  • Opportunity to share a company alert on AMOA social media